Referral Program

We recognize and appreciate that, often times, the best customers come through word of mouth and through referrals. Rudtek’s story is no different. As a web design, program and IT consulting company since 2009, we have seen the majority of our business happen because our customers tell other people about us. When you offer great customer service and a superior product, customers will come back to you and tell their friends about you.

We believe that those who refer should share in the reward of a new or repeat happy customer. That’s why Rudtek offers a Referral Program.¬† You can take advantage of our web design referral program and earn $50 for each referral that results in a website. There is absolutely no limit to the number of referrals you can submit or the amount you can earn.

How the Referral Program Works

  1. If anyone you know is interested in a website, website redesign, search engine optimization (SEO), website maintenance or website hosting, ask them to mention your name when they contact us or fill in the form below to let us know who you will be referring.
  2. Your referral signs up with Rudtek and chooses one of our services.
  3. We send you $50 within 15 days after we receive the full payment by referred client.

Referral Program Guidelines

  1. Referral fee on is only given upon a referral that successfully contracts with Rudtek and makes payment for initial services on time.
  2. A successful referral is when you, the Referrer, refers a client to Rudtek and the client (Referred Party) signs up for one of our services and makes a full payment for initial services.
  3. Your own website or services with us do NOT qualify for a referral fee.
  4. Referral has to be made prior to or upon first Rudtek’s first interactions with client. (Just because you know the Referred Party doesn’t mean you get a referral fee.)
  5. If two or more parties refer the same client, the referral fee will be split equally between the referring parties.
  6. Referrals will NOT get the referral fee if the prospective client (Referred Party) does not sign up for one of our services.
  7. Rudtek services that qualify for referral fee are the following: Website Packages, SEO Packages, Website Maintenance Packages or Custom Web Design Projects/Development, and Hosting Packages.
  8. The maximum referral fee for a given project is $50.
  9. There is no limit on how many people you refer!