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Website design is one of the most important and under utilized components of a business and it’s marketing strategy. It can literally make or break your chance of catching a client’s attention. Keeping a prospect on the page long enough to turn a potential customer into a loyal client should always be a goal. But for today’s savvy consumer, web design has to be more than just eye-catching. It must also be motivating, and that’s where Rudtek has always excelled.

What is website design?

Designing a website is the process of making your site look good. We focus on the style and overall feel of the pages, using our skills to customize the website’s visual elements. We also use code like HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to create their designs.

There are many aspects of website design, but these are the key breakdowns that Rudtek considers important.


Normally the layout for the site is constructed in wireframes.  We looking here to make sure the site is balanced with the “just right” ratio of graphics & text as well as heavy & light elements.


How a client or user feels about your site is highly dependent upon color choices.  If you already have a logo or colors chosen, Rudtek will base colors for the site to highlight, compare or contrast with your chosen colors to create a dynamic feel with emphasis your specific clients.


Fonts and font pairing are subtle but can dynamically change perspective on a site.  That’s why Rudtek will spend time making sure your font has meaning in the website design process.  You won’t see many giant corporations using comic sans on their official logos, letterheads, or sites.


Graphics and images are most commonly what people think about when they hear the word design.  They are no less important in web design.  Even if you decide to have no images on your site, that will have to be part of the discussion when considering the layout and flow of your site.

User Interaction

The way users interact with elements, or the interface, on your website. This is done by translating your company ideas and values into a website that’s enjoyable and easy to navigate.  What are customers looking for when they first get to your site.  Are there aspects of that you want to make more easily accessible, or less?


Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are becoming more and more important when considering a new site (or updating older ones).  We here at Rudtek believe the Internet should be available to everyone as easily as possible, so we do our best to include and abide by the WCAG 2.0 standards whenever possible in website design.  Often this moves into our website development as well.

Is website development the same as website design?

Rudtek Services Website Design Vs Development

We get this question of website development vs website design often. While there may be some overlap in the two, they are different.

Designing a website has to do more with the aesthetics of your site… how it looks, the colors, the fonts, the pictures, how it’s laid out and the actual structure.

Website development is more about the function. There is more coding and less about how the site looks. Think speed, security, or specific case uses that work only in a certain way.. A properly developed site will allow for re-designs in the future where the content can easily be reformatted. If you want to learn more about it, check out Rudtek’s website development page.

Full Service

We will not only help you in deciding how your site will look, but also help you through the whole process of creating a new site. We have designers available for branding and collateral creation as well so the whole package has the same feel.

We pride ourselves on our work and we will do what it takes to make sure you are happy with your new website. Please feel free to check out some of our example projects we have made for past clients.

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