Transform your Handwriting into a Font

Rudtek Creates Custom Fonts

To celebrate a new year Rudtek wants to offer you a FREE gift!

We want to help convert your handwriting into a personalized font.

Personalize your Correspondence

  • Add a personal touch to your private or business newsletters and thank you cards…you won’t even have to worry about typos.
  • Just in time for Valentine’s too so you can send a loving note to your loved ones (We won’t tell if you copy and paste the same note to all your kids!!)
  • If you can type faster than you can write or would just rather type so that you can edit your messages and/or delete mistakes, you’ll love having your personal font on your computer.

Does it HAVE to be My Handwriting?

It doesn’t have to be just your handwriting.  If you prefer to create the font you’ve always dreamed about (scripts, block, bold, etc) please do!  Create your masterpiece and let Rudtek transform it into your own personalized font.

Your new font is your sole property and you can install it on as many computers as you want and use it for any purpose, including using them commercially.

How Do Create my Font?

1. Get the template

Download the template and print it out.  Download: Rudtek Font Creation Template

2. Design your font

Fill out the template with a black pen (felt-tip works best).  Make sure to follow the helplines so your letters are uniform.  We’ve included a sample sheet filled out if you have questions.

Place your characters like in the following image:

3. Get it back to your computer

The most important thing to remember is to make sure the 4 markers on the border are included in your scan or photo.

Scan it: This usually gives the best results. Make sure your scanner is clean and free of dust or particles that may impair the quality of your scans. Scan your templates at 300-600dpi.

Take a Picture: The cameras in modern smartphones are usually good enough. The most important things are good lightning and avoiding shadows on the template. Using a flashlight can often improve the results.  PRO TIP: Slight skewing of the image will be automatically corrected, but please try to take the photos as vertically as possible.

4. Send the file back to Rudtek

Send the jpg, png, or pdf back to us and we’ll take care of the rest.

Rudtek will convert it and send the font back to you along with directions on how install it on your computer (or see below).

Installing the font

The exact procedure of how to install a font on your system depends on if you use Windows or a Mac. For recent versions of those operating systems it is usually just a double click on the font file and then clicking on “Install font”.

Then you should be able to select this font in the font selection of the program you are using.  (You may need to restart the program if you don’t see your new font.)