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What is WordPress?

WordPress is an amazing tool for website development. There’s a good chance that right “out of the box” it will accomplish your website goals. A majority of the work to setup a site has already been done.

That’s only part of why WordPress is so amazing though. When WordPress first appeared online, it was considered merely a tool to use to blog. Now it’s has a full suite of plugins that make it much, much more. And if that’s not enough it is designed to make it fully customized for your specific needs.

Our team at Rudtek studies and trains to keep up-to-date on the best coding standards and practices so when the time comes that your company needs something MORE for your website, we can do it for you.

When you hire Rudtek to help you with your new site, we will help you in purchasing your domain name, choosing a proper hosting company, setting up the hosting files and even help in getting your email set up as well. (If you purchased a hosting plan that has associated email accounts).

Is website development the same as website design?

Rudtek Services Website Design Vs DevelopmentWe get this question of website development vs website design often.  While there may be some overlap in the two, they are different.

Designing a website has to do more with the aesthetics of your site… how it looks, the colors, the fonts, the pictures, how it’s laid out and the actual structure.  If you want to learn more about it, check out Rudtek’s website design services page.

Website development is more about the function. There is more coding and less about how the site looks. Think speed, security, or specific case uses that work only in a certain way.. A properly developed site will allow for re-designs in the future where the content can easily be reformatted.

WordPress Development

Website Platforms and CMS we use at Rudtek

If you are looking for an easy to use blog, or a simple website, WordPress may be for you. The WordPress CMS (content management system) is built by hundreds of community volunteers.  It can to transform your site into almost anything you can imagine. Over 25 million people have chosen WordPress to power their sites.

It is very powerful and easy to use. The back-end is relatively simple as well. The function of WordPress sites can be extended through free and commercial plug-ins. Website design, whether it’s for E-commerce, auctions, blogs, event calendars, community portals, or anything else, can be setup for your site.

90 Percent of our clients choose to use WordPress because it is simple, has a low startup cost and it’s flexible.

The Rudtek team of web developers, graphic designers, & copy writers have created hundreds of web designs that have boosted a site’s rank with the search engines as well as increased both web traffic and online store sales. A fully-customized website is one that is tailored to your unique products, targets your buyers and meets your sales goals. A site that is unlike any other.

WordPress Themes

WordPress is an opensource tool and as such there are thousands of developers making themes for WordPress.  There are some exceptional Commercial themes and some bad ones too.  This same fact holds true for free WordPress themes.

Rudtek has found that for most applications, simpler is not always better. Seemingly anyone can build a nice looking website in about the same time as it takes to cut the lawn. Free theme/template sites are more and more common, but many have severe limitations. Like many other free things in life, you get exactly what you pay for. Do-it-yourself websites have code bloat and lack the functional elements of well-crafted pages.

When we build a WordPress site for you, likely we’ll be starting from a custom starter theme.  If you have a theme already in mind we can use that as well, and even customize it for you.  The options are limitless.

WordPress Plugins

If you already have your WordPress site up and running but need minor customization we may not have to re-develop the entire site. We may be able to add functionality from custom WordPress Plugin.

The most popular reason Rudtek is requested to create customized plugins is when our clients are looking for a very specific or uncommon feature. Often times people just want their site to go faster or do something that WordPress doesn’t do by itself. For more details see our plugin development page.

Custom Projects

Rudtek can also provide non-WordPress website development from the ground-up to suit your needs. The time involved in developing a custom website is much more than that of starting with opensource frameworks, but often this is the only option. If you need specific custom work please let us know what you will need and we will address your project with a detailed scope and proposal to create an end product specific to your company and you.  Head over to our custom development page if you want more details.

If you are currently running your site in another CMS besides WordPress, don’t worry. Rudtek can still help! Drupal, Joomla and many other systems provide exceptional options and Rudtek has worked with many of them. If you need help making changes, or are considering moving to a different system get in touch with us.

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