Custom Projects

Exactly how you want it.

Rudtek Services Custom Coding

It’s a fact that Rudtek is a WordPress expert. If you need a new WordPress site, or need your current tuned-up, updated, or recovered from a malware hack/attack, you may be interested in our WordPress Services Page.

However we can also provide non-WordPress website development. Custom Projects are a fun and exciting way to make sure your site is unique to you and you alone.

Custom websites

The time involved in developing a custom website is much more than that of starting with opensource frameworks, but often this is the only option. Your project may need a highly detailed system like no other. Our full stack developers will design and develop it to your exact standards.

We are proficient in PHP, HTML, CSS, & JavaScript (Vanilla, React & Node).

If you need specific custom work please let us know what you will need and we will address your project with a detailed scope and proposal to create an end product specific to your company and you.

Other CMS sites

If you are currently running your site in another CMS besides WordPress, don’t fret. Rudtek can still help! Drupal, Joomla and many other systems provide exceptional options and Rudtek has worked with many of them. If you need help making changes, or are considering moving to a different system get in touch with us.

Rudtek's other services inlcude

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