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CODE Health is an innovative, therapeutic product company dedicated to advancing human health and well-being through cutting-edge biotechnology solutions. We are driven by a mission to harness the power of bioenergetics to develop groundbreaking therapies that address a wide range of health challenges suitable for people and animals.

CODE Formulas are made with one simple ingredient: normal saline solution programmed with bio-energy patterns, or frequencies, that tell malfunctioning cells how to repair themselves with the correct “CODE” to achieve the desired function.

Website Design & Development

Code Health had a website at Shopify but felt limited in their ability to "make the site their own". They asked us to transfer it to WordPress so they could customize all aspects of their Ecommerce site. We did just that! We moved the site to WordPress and added WooCommerce for online sales. We provided a very custom site and optimized all the graphics and content so the site was not only how the Code Health Team wanted it to look but out-performed their old site as well.

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