Valley Children’s Healthcare Impact Report

Valley Children’s Healthcare is a California-based network of pediatric care providers. Valley Children’s Healthcare began as the vision of five civic-minded women who saw the need for a dedicated pediatric hospital in Central California. Since then, they have grown from a 42-bed hospital to one of the largest pediatric healthcare networks in the country.

Every year they put out an impact report for their area to highlight how they have benefited the community. This is a their 2023 Annual Impact Report, where they celebrate successes, community impact and pivotal moments in their mission to deliver high-quality care for kids and families in the Central Valley.

Website Design & Development

AMF Media Group graciously asked us to help develop a site that their Design team had created. It was an exceptional project to work in as their Media team is top notch and creates picture perfect designs for us to base the site upon. The site has several details that really emphazise a custom project. Custom department/section colors, optimized graphics, and testimnonials were all part of the deliverables.

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