The Wise Apothecary

Created by a Veteran in the health and wellness industry, the Wise Apothecary is a site providing information and resources for those looking to supplement their lifestyle with nutrition, community, yoga and essential oil supplements.  It is a website designed to bring people together give them an edge in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Website Design & Development

Old age wisdom with a western twist. This isn't snake oil though! Rudtek branded the Wise Apothecary with subdued colors, imagery from old apothecary's, and quick access to the resources available. The site was designed for WordPress on a standard template to save dollars up front, but was later revised to allow a membership portal on the back end where her affiliates could have access to to additional, member only resources.

Logo Design

Carrying the theme of a modern apothecary, Jody was looking for a logo that incorporated an animal caricature conveying timeless wisdom, proper font pairings and features that would allow it to be overlayed onto graphics easily. After several versioning rounds, the design took form as cartoon owl with a tophat and a font pair that emphasized the APOTHECARY word.

Branding Design

In addition to designing the brand and the website, Rudtek was asked to help develop business cards.

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